Yellowstone National Park

Arguably, Yellowstone National Park is the most inspired national park the US has to offer.  I spent a magnificent 2 days cruising through the prismatic pools of boiling water and minerals, dodging geysers and chasing after 2 little boys with a 4 pound camera strapped to my back.  As a photographer, these are the moments I live for.  Having a collection of work that shows my subjects interacting with nature is priceless. I am certain that this family will reflect back on these memories for years to come.  It truly is the essence of ‘documenting life.’


The Korean Strait

Busan, the 2nd largest city in South Korea is located along the southern tip of the peninsula and a major port city with ferries crossing the Korean Strait between South Korea and Japan on a daily basis. The city offer spectacular panoramic views of the ocean and is a major tourist attraction in Korea. A tour during the early morning hours will provide you with opportunities to witness the local fishing industry selling fresh seafood at rock bottom prices.  It really should not be missed!