Eric and I finally managed to do a bit of traveling together this October. Due to his highly unpredictable schedule, it’s proven somewhat difficult to plan vacations together. As an independent consultant, he is constantly on the lookout for projects which often roll in at the very last minute requiring him to leave the country on short notice for weeks at a time.  I can rarely join him because I work here in Colorado.  As a result, this whole year I found myself traveling solo. I’m certainly not complaining because I do love solo travel.  But, it’s a lot different than traveling with a partner.  It’s like my entire agenda is altered.  On my own, I am very focused, serious, and goal oriented. With Eric, I am far more relaxed and indulgent.  Thus, he and I made a pact that we would plan and execute 1 trip abroad this year without consideration for any last minute projects.

At the beginning of September, I googled best places to visit in October.

Greece popped up at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks to our shared adventures is that my photography suffers.  We traveled for over 2 weeks and spent time in Frankfurt, Germany, Istanbul, Turkey, and the Islands of Crete and Santorini, Greece.  These are the only pictures I took.  At the same time, my memories and experiences were far richer because I wasn’t quite so preoccupied with capturing everything to share with others at a later date.  I got to share it with Eric is real time.  It was wonderful.






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